One Stop Registration & Posting of Your Intellectual Property
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MyCreativeExpression as the place to register your intellectual property.

Our Promise
Intellectual property may be registered online or by mail. Whichever service you choose, we want to assure you that the security and integrity of your work is our top priority.

Our advantages and services

     1) Your intellectual property will be registered using a Security Registration Number, which is unique to your work, and only meant to be seen by you, the registrant.

 2) Your intellectual property will be maintained for a period of 10 years without additional cost. Renewals can be obtained.

 3) You have the option of posting your intellectual property on this website for all the world to see.
MyCreativeExpression will not be involved or commissioned in your sale of this property to others.

 4) A Certificate of Registration, which can be framed, will be sent to your mailing address.

                             Our Costs
Registration w/certificate; 10-years;  $12.00
Re-registration of an edited work;       $5.00
Registration/Certificate & On-line posting for 5-years;                                               $17.00
Renewals; 5-years;                                    $7.00
Certified return                                      $25.00

Frameable Certificate                      no charge
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