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Q. What is Intellectual Property?
A: Intellectual property is the product of original thought and is non-physical in nature.

Q: How can Intellectual Property law be summarized?

A: IP Law protects the owners legal rights to produce and control the creative expression of the owners ideas.

Q: Is Registration the same as Copyright?

A: No. Registration is not the same as copyright. Proof of ownership, content, and date of creation would need to be established in the event that an author/creator claims copyright infringement. Registration provides third party validation in support of the creator of (1) what was written or produced at (2) the date of Registration. Many more detailed explanations of Copyright can be found on the internet. One of the better ones is:
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Intellectual Property".

Q: Why should I register?

A: Registration assists in documenting the date of creation. It cannot prove the date of creation, but it can establish the date the creation was delivered to a non-biased, third party, during arbitration or in a court of law. In these cases the non-biased third party is MyCreativeExpression. Registration also defines content. Words, phrases, character names are some examples.

Q: Who has access to my registered property?

A: Two parties. MyCreativeExpression and the Registrant or holder of the Security Registration Number (SRN). This number is the only way of recovering a registered document. Please click on Certificate for additional details. The SRN number should not be publicized.  

Q: How should I protect myself when distributing my work?

A: Any Intellectual Property should be marked "Copyrighted on (the date authorship begins). By (your name). And, after   registration with; "Registered with MyCreativeExpression"
DO NOT INCLUDE THE SECURITY REGISTRATION NUMBER on your intellectual property, or correspondence.

Q: Can I edit my intellectual property after registration?

    Edited intellectual property is a new creation. If meaningful changes have been made, the revised work should be registered a second time, so that the meaningful changes are also protected.

Q: How does My Creative Expression compares to other similar services?

A: It offers the same protection at less cost.

Q: What does My Creative Expression offer that other services don't?

A: A way of posting your work online so potential buyers can be found. (This is an optional service)
A: Certificate of Registration that can be framed and hung on your wall.

Q: What is the benefit of posting my property online?

A: Exposure, and hopefully a commercial sale.

Q: Should my work also be formally copyrighted?

A: For maximum protection we advise that versions be filed with the US Copyright Office.

Q: How is my registration stored?

A: One copy is stored on-site with MyCreativeExpression. A second copy is stored off-site.
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