One Day My Prince Will Come

One Day My Prince Will Come
Copyright; Edward DePouli
August 14, 2016

     SNOW was born a princess. From the moment she was born sorrow seems to fill her every day. She never knew her mother. Her mother passed away suddenly when Snow was six year old. Her father, whom she fondly remembers, remarried almost immediately after her mother died. And then, he also passed away after a very short illness.  



     Her stepmother loved being the new queen. But as much she loved being Queen, she hated Snow. Each day, as Snow matured into a young woman, the queen became more and more jealous of the attention Snow’s beauty was drawing away from her. Snow was denied schooling. Instead, she was forced to work as a household maid. Cleaning dishes and floors. In her youthful innocence, Snow never realized how much she was despised by the stepmother she tried so hard to love.

     When hard work failed to diminish Snow’s beauty and love of life, the queen decided to eliminate her competition forever. An assassin was hired to abduct Snow, and kill her slowly and painfully. Unable to kill Snow, the assassin spared Snow and Snow ran off into woods knowing that if she ever returned home, the queen would find another way of ending her life.


     She ran deeper and deeper into the woods, living on nuts & berries growing wild.

After three days in the forest she came upon a small home. Actually more like a scale model home since all the doors and windows were smaller than normal.

She discovered that seven miners lived in the house. They were all outcasts in the world because they were dwarfs. She loved taking care of them and their home, as much as they enjoyed the company of a young woman that did not see them as freaks of nature.


     Their bond was short lived. The queen, using black magic, discovered her hiding place and in the disguise of an old hag tricked Snow into tasting an apple which caused Snow to fall into a long coma.


     A coma that was only broken after several months by true loves first kiss. A kiss that awakened Snow’s longing to be loved, and resulted in a marriage that was guaranteed to allow her to live happily ever after.

Well, should have guaranteed…




      It’s a beautiful spring morning. Snow and the Prince have been married a little over a year. Snow is on her way to visit her only true friends. Her limo has been carrying her for about an hour to the new office they’ve established in Beverly Hills.


     Snow can’t stop crying. Not just crying but sobbing as if her heart has been broken. As the limo pulls up to a 30 story, ultra-modern, glass enclosed, office building, Snow desperately composes herself, and steps from the limo. The sign in front of the building reads; “Seven D Mining”. Seven D is the only occupant of the building.


     Riding the elevator Snow hears elevator music. A familiar song; “One Day My Prince will Come” playing gently over the speakers. Once again Snow begins to sob and in anger and frustration states; “I hate that song!” Regaining her composure as the elevator reaches the 30the floor she steps from the elevator and asks the receptionist if she could see Danny.


                 Danny grumpy

When Snow first met Danny he was grumpy personified. The hard work of mining, and the hurt of being treated as an outcast, had caused his soul to harden. Only the months of being respected and loved by Snow had caused his heart to melt. He welcomed Snow into his office with open arms. The first thing he noted was that she was blond, instead of having jet black hair.


     He also noted that her eyes were red from crying. He instantly wanted to help and comfort the young woman who had so often comforted him. At first Snow did not want to reveal what was causing her so much pain and hurt.  Snow denied that she was crying, and then later revealed that her prince “does not love her”.


     Danny finds this hard to believe. Snow was the Prince's first love, just as Prince was Snow's only love. They were a match made in heaven. Upon further questioning by Danny, Snow reveals that her statement that the prince does not love me, should be taken literally, not figuratively. The prince does not love her. He can’t.

Snow is still a virgin.


     Danny immediately gets Dwayne, Eddie, Jim, XXXXX, XXXX on the speaker phone and asks them all to come immediately to his office.

     Dwayne is the first to arrive. The wealth of co-owning the largest diamond in the world has generated fabulous riches. Once bashful, Dwayne

has used part of his riches on growth hormone

And, some of his friends suspect, on steroids.

      Dwayne                  Dwayne

Having bulked up and attained normal height, he’s no longer shy and withdrawn. Walking into the office, it’s obvious that’s he’s someone that’s confident in his abilities.

     Dwayne also greets Snow with open arms. Snow didn’t recognize him at first. She didn’t know he’d been taking growth hormones. She’s amazed by how big he’s become, and how well dressed.

 Eddie              happy

     A moment later, Eddie walks into the room. Always smiling, ever happy, he hasn’t changed since the last time Snow saw him. Except, it’s obvious that he’s also taken growth hormones, It’s also obvious that he takes his appearance and attire very seriously. A well trimmed mustache and an Armani suit makes him a fashion standout.


      Jim is the next to enter the room. Like his partners at the mine, Jim has also

been taking growth hormone. Unlike Dwayne, there’s no evidence that body building is important to him. And unlike Eddie, while his clothes are clean and branded, they are not intended to make a fashion statement. His dopey grin can’t be hidden. It’s obvious that he doesn’t take himself to seriously even with all of the billions of dollars he's currently worth. After greeting Snow like a long lost sister, Snow realizes that all of the money in the world is not going to get him a college degree. Kind

        Jim     Jim

and loving, but still not a rocket scientist.


(Sneezy; tbd)


(Sleepy; tbd)

      Danny explains to the assembled group, as embarrassing as it is to Snow, the nature of Snow’s dilemma.

     Snow explains that she tried everything she can think of to help Prince perform, but as willing as they both are, Prince can’t rise to the occasion. Even Victoria’s Secret’s best outfits, and stunning blond hair have no effect. Every pill known to man has been tried, all without effect. Snow wants to be loved liked she read about before running into the forest. She’s blaming herself for princes’ failure. But most of all she still loves him with all of her heart.


     Dwayne has a suggestion. Let’s take Snow to see “the Doctor”. They all think that this is a great idea. Danny orders a limo and they all leave the building


Charlie was a medical doctor before he became a miner. Being a dwarf, he found it impossible to establish a practice, so he turned to mining. Wealth solved that problem. Doc was now able to establish one of the best equipped offices in Beverly Hills and was known for helping those unable to pay for medical treatment. Like his partners in the mine, he used growth hormone to achieve normal stature in life.


      Upon arriving at the doc’s office, Snow is impressed with it’s location and appearance. Even as large a group as they are, the reception area could have held dozens more.

     Doc, immediately calls them all into his office. Doc gives Snow a warm kiss to welcome her. Danny quietly whispers to Doc the reason for their visit so as not to embarrass Snow any more than is needed. Doc immediately asks Snow go into private examination room. Like every room she has seen so far this room is far larger than doctors normally use. Everything about medial office is larger than expected. Doc immediately asks Snow to disrobe. Snow protests. “I’m not the one with a problem, prince is”. Doc insists, he needs to be sure she has no issues. Besides, he reminds her, he’s seen her naked many times before. Who did she think was bathing her all those months that she was in a coma.

      He didn’t tell her that the other six dwarfs used to fight over who was going to assist him in turning her over, when she was being sponge bathed. One dwarf, by himself, can’t turn over a full grown woman. It took Doc, plus two assistants to roll her over, redress her, and keep her neat and clean. Choosing which two assistants gave Doc enormous control over the other six dwarfs.

     The examination is very thorough. Doc loves examining Snow, especially now that he needs no help. Throughout the examination he reminds her that he has to do what he’s doing; because he a Doctor. Nothing new or embarrassing for him.
With the examination concluded, Snow dresses and Doc gives her another warm kiss before she joins the others in his office.

      Doc proudly announces that there is nothing wrong with Snow. Snow describes all the medications that Prince has been taking to try an overcome his problem. They think that prince should also come in for an examination, but Doc tells them that he only does women. Sorry. A long group discussion about what to do next. They conclude that modern medicine isn’t the answer. Another kiss from Doc and they all leave the office.


     Dopey comes up with the idea first. Let’s ask the wicked queen to help us. His

idea is promptly rejected. She’s mean and evil. She may have been responsible for the death of Snow’s mother, so that she could cast a spell on Snow’s father and get him to marry her. There are also rumors that she may have used another potion to cause the untimely death of Snow’s father. That, plus the fact that she hired someone to kill Snow, and when that failed tried to do it herself, makes her someone not to be trusted. Besides, there are other conflicting rumors that she died from a fall in the forest, or that she’s still alive but gone into hiding. She hasn’t been seen since the prince rescued Snow from her coma.

      Dopey thinks it’s still worth a try. What other choice do they have


     It’s taken several weeks, and a score of private detectives, but the wicked queen has been located in a cottage far away from prying eyes. It was reported by one of the private detectives that the wicked witch was badly injured from her fall down the embankment, but managed to survive. She now spend all of her time trying to develop a potion that will reverse the effects of the potion she took which transformed her from the fairest in the land (next to Snow) into an old hag.

Numerous potions have been taken. She’s only part way back to regaining her lost beauty.


     Danny has been driving the limo for hours. Turning down one lonely road after another. Going from superhighway, to back road, to gravel lane, and then a dirt path in the forest, they come upon a cottage in the woods. A dark, gray, smoke is coming from the chimney. The yard in front of the cottage has not been cut back in ages. Snow and the others exit the limo, and are standing with the limo between the limo and the cottage afraid of what to do next. Dwayne offers to go to the door.


      Bette, Snow’s wicked witch of a stepmother, steps out of the bushes. She approaches the group from behind shouting at them to leave at once or she will turn them all into rabbits and cook them in a rabbit stew. Once the most beautiful woman in the land, she now looks old and haggard. Perhaps not as bad as she looked when she disguised herself as an old hag and presented Snow with the apple that caused Snow to fall into a death like coma for several months. They all have trouble recognizing her, thinking they’ve

       Bette witch

found the wrong woman. Snow is the first one to sense that this really her stepmother and approaches her with arms held wide. Bette refuses her advances and states; I am not the one you think I am!” Whoever that is. “leave me alone and go away before I make rabbits out of you”. Leaving them, they follow her into the house, uninvited. Bette continues to insist they leave immediately but eventually, out of guilt, agrees to help them cure Prince.


      There is no trust in the room. The dwarfs remember her trickery, deceit, and the rumors that she may have been responsible for both the death of Snow’s mother and father. However, seeing no alternative, they agree that Bette should prepare a potion that will return Prince to full manhood.


     Only Jim takes a liking to Bette, stating that; “She reminds me of my mother”. The dwarfs remind Jim that once again he’s acting dopey. He was an orphan. The only mother he had was make believe. A picture of a woman hanging on the wall that Jim once found among some discarded trash in the forest.


     The group reenters the limo and begins the long drive home, hopeful that next week when they return to the cottage, Bette will have produced the potion they need. Now they only need to convince Prince to also trust Snow’s wicked stepmother. This task they feel is best done face-to-face, so Danny enters Snow’s home address into the limo’s GPS system. During the drive they discuss how they might convince Prince to take a chance and drink a potion that may turn out to be another poison.


        Johnny prince

Born into wealth, Prince never had to work a day in his life. Quiet, refined, and well mannered, he was Snow’s love at first sight. Snow still remembers the first time she met him. She was dressed in rags, washing the steps to the house, and he came to her home riding a pure white horse. Prince loved being an equestrian. Rather

than spend his family’s wealth on wild women and song, he wanted to one day ride in the Olympics. He also fell deeply for Snow, not knowing that she was also a princess, the first time he saw her. In addition to being an accomplished equestrian Prince was a marvelous singer. A Tenor with a voice comparable to Caruso, Lanza, or Pavarotti. The first time he met Snow, he burst into song in awe of her youthful beauty. She became his love at first sight.


     When Snow disappeared from her home, Prince spent 10 months living in the forest, searching every day for her. Nothing else mattered. Not his equestrian dreams, not his concert appearances. He put everything aside, his only goal in life was to find the woman he had determined to love forever, whatever her station in life. When he found Snow, she was neither dead nor alive. The dwarfs explained what had happened, and even though they though she was dead, they did not have the heart to bury her. Instead they constructed a magnificent bier upon which to place her body. A bier constructed of gold, oak from the forest, and encrusted with hundreds of diamond from their mine.


Prince knew immediately what he had to do. Sitting alongside Snow, taking her hand in his, he leaned forward giving her the kiss that he has so long wanted to give her. Their only kiss. A kiss goodbye that awakened Snow’s heart.


      Prince was standing in the foyer when Snow arrived with her escort of friends. At first he was troubled, actually more embarrassed, by the fact that Snow had revealed his inability to consummate his marriage to Snow. But, his love of Snow overcame his shame, and he readily consented to do whatever was necessary to bring Snow happiness.


     The week went by quickly. Meeting at the Seven D offices, they all jump into a limo for another ride to Bettes’ cottage. This time they race into the cottage with only a minimal amount of fear. Bette’s been waiting for them. She presents them with a small vial containing a rose colored liquid. Her instructions are to have Prince drink the contents just before going to sleep. Prince is also instructed to gaze upon Snow’s face as he closes his eyes, falling into a deep sleep. When he awakes, and once again beholds Snows face, he will hold her as she needs to be held.


     Prince wakes up from a very long sleep. It’s way past his normal wakeup time. The light coming through the window seems to indicate that it’s mid morning.

Snow has already arisen. In anticipation of a long, intimate, morning together, flush with excitement, she went downstairs to prepare a breakfast-in-bed meal for her husband. It was something she wanted to do especially for him, instead of asking their cook. A celebration breakfast that, she hoped, would have to carry them well into the evening.


     Prince gets out of bed. He showers, shaves, and then dresses in one of his finest outfits. He wants to look his best. He’s thinking that it would be very romantic to ride with Snow away from the house, find a secluded place far from prying eyes, and with the sun shining down on them, on a blanket surrounded by flowers, give Snow what she has been so patiently waiting for. He enters the stable so that he can prepare his horse, and hers, for a ride into happiness. He sees his horse waiting there. It’s as if the horse senses what’s about to happen. Prince looks with awe upon his horse. It seems that his horse has changed and is now radiating light. He’s never seen a more beautiful horse. His horse. His beautiful horse. Snow comes into the stable and sees Prince with his arms around the horse’s neck. She’s carrying the special breakfast she had so lovingly prepared. Prince is uninterested. He picks up a brush and begins grooming his horse. Slowly and lovingly. Just the way Snow expected to be caressed that morning.


     Panic can be seen he Snow’s eyes. She realizes that the potion caused her husband to care more about his horse than her. She runs from the room to contact Danny.


     Another conference, another trip to Bette’s cottage, another potion to be delivered the following week. Bette explains that she wants to modify the formula based upon an ancient recipe that she found in a potions book to make it even more effective. Dopey asks to stay behind so that he can help search the forest for the mushrooms and herbs needed for a new, improved, potion.


     The second potion is picked up and delivered by courier to Snow’s mansion.

Snow is determined that this time there will be no mistakes. She intends to remain by Prince’s side, however long he sleeps. She prepares the morning breakfast the night before and brings it to the room as they prepare for bed.

Getting Prince into bed at night has become a major effort. He’s spent all day, every day, long into the evening, riding his horse around his estate.

     There’s not going to be a mistake this time. The first thing Prince will see when he awakes will be Snow’s face. Snow dresses in Victoria’s Secret’s most erotic outfit and slides into bed with Prince. She asks him to consume Bette’s second potion and holds his hand while he falls asleep.


     Prince awakes much earlier than usual. He feels different. He’s sure the potion has had an effect. Snow sleeps silently. She spent many hours that night watching Prince sleeping. Hoping that he might wake up during the night, and that she would not have to wait until morning.


     When Snow awakes, Prince is already dressed. He’s not wearing Armani. He’s dressed in tights. The kind of tights she likes to wear when she’s taking Yoga classes. His hair is different. More fluffy. More styled, instead of moppish.

He smells differently. Sweet and fruity. And worst of all he’s walking differently.

More like he’s gliding across the room, rather than the John Wayne type of walk he normally has.

     Snow burst into tears. Once more the formula has transformed Prince, but not in the way that was expected. Prince has more interest in her clothes than he has in Snow.


      One more trip to Bette, another potion to be delivered in a week. Dopey eagerly volunteers to spend another week at the cottage helping find herbs in the forest. Bette seems to be enjoying the attention she’s now getting. Her features are starting to soften. She seems to be happy, in a very small way.


     The past week has been difficult for Snow. She worried that Prince might. But not with her. Prince hasn’t ridden his horse in a week. He’s more interested in watching the shirtless pool-boy clean the pool. So interested that he asks him to come back daily, just to make sure that the pool is spotlessly clean.

     Snow’s afraid to have anyone but Danny come to the house. With all the growth hormones the men having been taking, each one could easily become a male model. Danny comes over to keep an eye on Prince. A week of waiting turns to 6 days, then 5, then 4. Finally the day arrives when the new potion is ready. It’s delivered by courier, guaranteed by 10:00 AM. Now it’s only necessary to wait another 12 hours until bed time. The 12 hour wait goes by very slowly. Snow and Danny run out of things to talk about. They take turns pacing the floor nervously.

Finally night arrives. Snow goes upstairs, takes a cold shower, puts on her Victoria’s Secret, results guaranteed negligee, and settles into bed. She can smell Prince lying next to her. She recognizes the smell and remembers that she forgot to apply perfume! After a short argument, Prince agrees to take the potion Bette has prepared. He doesn’t understand why another potion is necessary. He feels fine, pretty even.


     Snow hasn’t had a good night sleep in almost a month. She’s overly tired. Forgot to apply perfume again, and slides under the covers still wearing socks. This time after Prince takes his potion and falls asleep, she rolls over, facing away from prince. No good night kiss. No holding his hand in the night. She’s tired.


     Prince wakes up first. His hormones really kicked in overnight. He’s grown a full beard, and he’s making a tent for the first time in his life. He immediately gets up to admire himself in the mirror. First thing he does is to borrow Snow’s razor so he can trim his beard and mustache.


     A knock on the door and Snow awakens. It’s the maid bringing breakfast. Prince answers the door wearing pajama bottoms and no shirt. Snow sees that he’s got hair on his chest. That’s new and very arousing. As the maid brings food into the room, Prince moves behind her and rubs his pelvis against her. She drops the trays in surprise. As she’s bending over, picking up the tray, Prince smiles devilishly and caresses her bottom. He doesn’t seem to care that Snow can see everything that is happening. He then climbs into bed with Snow and starts rubbing against Snow. He’s ready and the maid being in the room isn’t going to keep him from finally giving Snow what she’s been missing for so long.


     Snow reacts immediately with anger and dismay. She climbs out of bed and calls Danny from the downstairs phone. Bette’s potion works fine. Her Prince is like a dog in heat. She’s leaves the mansion and drives directly to Bette’s cottage.


     She gives Bette one last chance to get things right. No waiting a week for a new potion. Prince can’t be trusted in his present state. She needs something now, even if it means returning him to what was normal for him when they married.


     Bette, knowing that she has no time to develop another receipt decides to mix what remains of the last two potions together. She gives Snow a vial containing the mixed potions and a second vial with a very dilute amount of the potion that she used to put Snow into a coma. Snow is instructed to give Prince the sleeping potion immediately upon her return to the mansion, even if it has to be mixed with whatever alcoholic beverage Prince is drinking at the time. In his present condition, Prince can't be trusted around any woman. The second potion is to be given to Prince later in the evening. “awake him if necessary, but make sure he takes the second potion.”




Snow is in Doc’s office getting a sonogram. It’s obvious that Bette’s formula had the desired effect. She’s glowing with the radiance that only comes from being pregnant.

Snow asks: “Tell me Doc. What am I having, a boy or a girl?”

Doc replies; “Two of each”


     Jim never left Bette’s cottage. After weeks of helping her find mushrooms and herbs, he came to the conclusion that she’s the mother he’s always wished for.

     Bette too has always wanted a son of her own. Together they plan to continue developing alternative medicines for people in need.


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